About This

Ask yourself what you really need to know? What is it that is that is deep within your soul and your heart, the substance that underlies your being - where is it, what is it? That is what this is about, what else do you actually want to know and why aren't you taking steps toward yourself?

None of the following links work because social media is a pile of warm shit. Maybe just try talking to people if you can find any that are not up to their necks in trying to be somebody - fuck them, be yourself, be you, this site loves you (if it is even possible for a website to emit an emotion), just the way you are right now***

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***We love you only if you're not a planet trashing mainstream fuckhead, otherwise we kind of don't love you - but still think that you might have some potential, potentially. We should also tell you that one of the primary reasons for this website is to change the way you think and act - so what we said above is not really true(1)

(1) Someone very famous once said that "Truth is in the eye of the beholder," and similarly "Two truths in a bush is worth one opinion in the hand" or something like that, I forget.